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CGIAR Diversity and Inclusion Conference


When: February 2 & 3 2017
Where: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya 

The CGIAR Diversity and Inclusion Conference was held to draw attention to the areas where there is still room for improvement with respect to (gender) diversity and inclusion and to find ways together to work on these improvements both in research and in the workplace. 

  • Where do we stand with applied theory on Diversity and Inclusion and what has been achieved in practice, in CGIAR and other organizations? What is happening to the gender gap in agriculture? How diverse is our science community? Does diversity matter for innovation?
  • To what extent have our organizations been successful in creating inspiring and respectful workplaces for women and men alike? What does the recently conducted CGIAR-wide evaluation on Gender and Diversity tell us about (gender) diversity in the workplace and in agricultural research?
  • Since 1 July 2016 there is a new CGIAR System Organization and, on 1 January 2017, a new portfolio of CGIAR Research Programs will start. How can we ensure that Diversity and Inclusion are given renewed attention in these new organizational structures?

These questions and others were addressed by expert speakers and participants in what was a lively and constructive exchange of views and experiences on the current and future developments in the area of diversity and inclusion. There will be a number of clear resolutions to further enhance gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the CGIAR and beyond.

It was the first conference of its kind in what should become a regularly held event!



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