Gender and agriculture data navigator

The Gender and Agriculture Data Navigator is a searchable inventory of household survey questionnaires that  focus on agriculture and food security and collect information that can be disaggregated by sex. It provides a convenient data discovery tool to researchers interested in identifying sex-disaggregated data from low- and middle-income countries on a particular topic of interest, from time use to technology adoption.

This inventory classifies each survey question as sex-disaggregated or not based on information about who responded and how the question was framed. It identifies whether each respondent was asked (1) who in the household has various rights and responsibilities, (2) questions about specific household members or all household members, (3) questions about him or herself, or (4) questions about men and women separately, and not specific individuals. If none of these approaches were used, then the information cannot be disaggregated by sex.

The Navigator does not provide data, but rather it provides a link to the Central Survey catalog where detailed metadata (questionnaires and others) can be found. If the microdata are available on-line, the Survey catalog will provide a link to the relevant data repository (such as dataverse).

The Gender Data Navigator is still in its development phase and the underlying (meta)data are yet to be finalized. New functions are being added to the application. CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research plans to periodically update the database.

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