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This is an inventory of research studies which was developed to make it easy for researchers to locate recent gender-related research in CGIAR Research Programs and contact each other about this work.

A study is a research activity based on a unified set of research objectives, a research design and a set of research questions. It may involve several data collection methodologies and several data collection instruments that may generate numerous papers and publications. A study may have one site or multiple sites. It may have one principal investigator or a team of investigators. You’re invited to describe a study in these terms in the Gender research studies submission form, where you have the opportunity to list the objectives, site locations and methods of data collection, and to specify how gender is operationalized. You can also provide contact data for the principal investigator. The inventory will provide input to the Fund Council Gender Monitoring Framework Indicator “Data Collection” which monitors the rate of change in compliance with minimum standards for sex disaggregated data collection. Please note that if you want to share CGIAR Research, such as literature reviews, conceptual work or any other type of research directly related to gender, please contact us at:

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