CGIAR Gender

CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research

Guiding documents

Proposed Actions to speed up Gender Research Mainstreaming in CGIAR

This paper is a revised version of the document “Proposed Actions to Speed Up Gender Research Mainstreaming in CGIAR” discussed at FC10 in November, 2013 and provisionally approved there. This section addresses the request in the Minutes of the Fund Council Meeting for the Consortium to provide “a plan which offers clarity on how gender equality will be captured in…

Standards for Collecting Sex-disaggregated Data for Gender Analysis: A Guide for CGIAR Researchers

In order to monitorprogress of CGIAR on its agreed outcome of “Increased control over resources and participation in decision-making by women and other marginalized groups” as well as other development outcomes such asimprovements in income, productivity, nutrition, and resilience, CGIAR researchers are increasingly asked to collect sex-disaggregated data and conduct gender analyses. This document spells out some simple and achievable…

Fundamental and role specific competencies

Designed to guide capacity development and recruitment specifically with CGIAR actors and their functions in mind, these definitions were developed through consultations with experts in CGIAR with responsibility for gender in research.

Definitions of gender research for CRP gender budgets

First prepared by the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network, and updated in June 2015, this is guidance document for CGIAR Science Leaders and Gender Researchers on planning and integrating gender into CRP budgeting and reporting. The definitions provided and referred to comes from CGIAR Gender Scoping Study (2010), which used the following definitions that have also been incorporated into…