Research management

GENNOVATE is a collaborative initiative among 11 Phase I CGIAR Research Programs. The study was developed in part to serve as a platform for overcoming disciplinary boundaries and fragmentation of effort on gender and qualitative social science research across the CGIAR. Study coordination is managed voluntarily by an Executive Committee (Excom) and two taskforces. The Excom was formed at the study’s inception in October 2013, and provides ongoing leadership, resource mobilization, capacity building, and knowledge sharing for the study.

GENNOVATE PIs gather online and in workshops to coordinate activities, build research capacities, share learning, collaborate in analysis, and identify strategies for using GENNOVATE results to inform agricultural research for development activities in their CRPs.

Executive Committee: Lone Badstue, CIMMYT (chair); Gordon Prain, CIP; Amare Tegbaru, IITA; Marlène Elias, Bioversity; and Paula Kantor (in memoriam).

Advisor: Patti Petesch, CIMMYT consultant, serves as the study’s expert advisor and supports ongoing research management needs.

Taskforces: GENNOVATE is supported by two task forces comprised of the study PIs. The taskforces cover: i) research design products, (Esther Njuguna-Mungai, ICRISAT, chair) and ii) knowledge sharing (Marlene Elias, Bioversity and Rebecca Elmhirst, University of Brighton, co-chairs).

Principal investigators (countries where fielding cases):

Aisa Oliveros, WorldFish (Philippines)
Amare Tegbaru, IITA (Nigeria and Kenya)
Anne Rietveld, Bioversity (Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda)
Anuprita Shukla, Glasgow Caledonian University (India, Nepal and Pakistan)
Cathy Farnworth
Chona Echavez
Dina Najjar, ICARDA (India, Morocco and Uzbekistan)
Esther Njuguna-Mungai, ICRISAT (Ethiopia and Tanzania)
Farhana Ibrahim
Gordon Prain, CIP (Bangladesh and Vietnam)
Holger Kirscht IITA (Burundi and Nigeria)
Huma Khan
Hyeladi Gaya, IITA (Nigeria)
Johanna Bergman Lodin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Nigeria and Tanzania)
Joyce Luis, IRRI (Myanmar and Philippines)
Kayte Meola, CIAT (Colombia)
Lemlem Aregu, WorldFish (Bangladesh and Philippines)
Lone Badstue, CIMMYT (Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Tanzania, Pakistan)
Mahlet Hailemariam
Marlène Elias, Bioversity (Kyrgyz Republic and Vietnam)
Mia Siscawati (Indonesia)
Miranda Morgan, WorldFish (Bangladesh and Philippines)
Netsayi Mudege, CIP (Malawi and Uganda)
Nozomi Kawarazuka, CIP (Vietnam)
Rebecca Elmhirst, University of Brighton (Indonesia)
Renee Bullock, IITA (Kenya)
Shawkat Ara Begum CIP (Bangladesh)
Syed Muhammad Khair
Tahseen Jafry, Glasgow Caledonian University (India, Nepal and Pakistan)
Tajmary Aktar, CIP (Bangladesh)
Vongai Kandiwa, CIMMYT (Malawi and Zimbabwe)
Wenda Bauchspies, National Science Foundation (Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger)
Yila Jummai