CGIAR Gender

Filling the gaps in gender and agroforestry

New release: A special issue of the International Forestry Review on Gender in Agroforestry, in collaboration with the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA).

There is a crucial need to improve the collective knowledge on gender and agroforestry. A lack of understanding of local contexts, cultural patterns and issues often contribute to widening the gap on how to deal with communities, and moreso the women in these communities. This special issue contains a collection of papers that contribute to developing a better understanding of this topic.

Special issueHere are some papers from the collection:

Gender roles, responsibilities, and spaces: implications for agroforestry research and development in Africa

Gender roles, decision-making and challenges to agroforestry adoption in Northwest Vietnam

Can gender appreciation of trees enhance landscape multifunctionality? A case of smallholder farming systems on Mount Elgon

Is there a choice? Choice experiment to determine the value men and women place on cacao agroforests in coastal Ecuador

Land use change and shifts in gender roles in central Sumatra, Indonesia

Linking women, trees and sheep in Mali

India’s drylands agroforestry: a ten-year analysis of gender and social diversity, tenure and climate variability



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