CGIAR Gender

Gender and Social Inclusion (Community of Practice)

CGIAR Center/Research Program: Bioversity International


  • This Community of Practice is a collaborative space for exchanging experiences with tools and methodologies for conducting gender-responsive and strategic gender research, including among gender ‘champions’ embedded in initiatives
  •  A cohesive body of gender-responsive and strategic gender research across the organization to tell the gender and agricultural biodiversity story
  • Collaborating on Bioversity-wide communications initiatives about gender and social inclusion issues
  •  A mechanism for promoting and supporting gender and social inclusion practices and events throughout the organization

Number of members : 40+

Significant achievements/outputs: Finalizing Bioversity’s Gender Strategy; 2 seminars on gender and agrobiodiversity; monthly meetings

Individuals who make up this community of practice: scientists interested in gender and social inclusion issues at every level of Bioversity and throughout its research. Community members have a wide range of disciplinary and national backgrounds, represent all initiatives and components and contribute to all the CGIAR Research Programs in which Bioversity International is active. Members have a wide range of experience in gender issues from beginner to expert.

Method of interaction: monthly meetings/call-ins.