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Gender dynamics in value chains

The CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research is working with six research teams to understand gender roles, responsibilities and relations in agricultural value chains. In May 2019, the Platform put out a call on proposals on: gender dynamics in value chains: beyond the production node and single commodity analysis. The selected projects will draw on both qualitative and quantitative data that also look at nodes in the midstream segments of a value chain and/or across multiple chains.

Photo G. Smith/CIAT

Research will be carried out between August 2019 and December 2021. We are interested in the gender dynamics of technical, business and financial services provided from within or outside of the value chains, and their differential effects on the benefits that women and men derive from value chain participation. We take a broad understanding of agriculture that includes agroforestry, fish agro‐food systems and other natural resource domains (including water and forests).

This is the third call for cross-program gender research through the Platform for what will be annual calls on different for research on gender and aqua/agriculture and natural resource management themes (funding dependent).

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