CGIAR Gender

Gender specialist vacancies at Stanford University

The Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford is recruiting for three permanent positions and building out an external consultancy bench for their gender mainstreaming/integration work.

The nascent group aims to redefine the approach to global health and development by creating a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural network of researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to build on the evidence on what works to address gender inequalities, fill key gender data gaps and equip the next generations of global health and development leaders to tackle gender equality challenges. Their vision is to create opportunities for advancement of gender equality through gender transformative research, policy, leadership and programming that enable all people to achieve their full human potential.

To support their gender integration work, Stanford University is seeking diverse candidates for their consultant bench to bring on for short-term project assignments as an independent consultant or contractor. The group are seeking dynamic individuals who are passionate about social justice and come with a range of expertise, including recognized experts in a particular field with 15+ years of experience as well as junior consultants with 5+ years of experience. If you are interested in being considered for the bench, you can submit an intake form here:

In addition to the consultant bench, the Center will be hiring three staff Gender Integration Specialists with varying expertise. Please find additional details and submit an application at the links below: