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Definitions of gender research for CRP gender budgets

First prepared by the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network, and updated in June 2015, this is guidance document for CGIAR Science Leaders and Gender Researchers on planning and integrating gender into CRP budgeting and reporting. The definitions provided and referred to comes from CGIAR Gender Scoping Study (2010), which used the following definitions that have also been incorporated into…

Closing the gender gap in climate-smart agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) has become a central concept shaping action and bringing together constituencies at the global level on agriculture and climate change. In essence, climate-smart agriculture pays explicit attention to how interventions i…

Why women? Why now?

Agricultural development efforts that do not address persistent gender gaps miss opportunities for greater impact. This synthesis written by researchers from IFPRI, CIAT, and World Agroforestry Centre reflects on key findings from integrated quantitative and qualitative analyses at the nexus of gender, agricultural development, and climate change.