Webinar: Gendered patterns of work and time use - A review of methods and innovations

Refugee woman carrying wood for cooking on fields near by refugee camp Gado-Badzere, East Cameroon.     Photo by Emily Pinna/CIFOR

This webinar will focus on a review paper that presents a collection of tools and methodologies for understanding and studying gendered work patterns and time use,  with a focus on agriculture and allied activities. 

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In addition to scoping the literature for methods,  the paper being presented offers new methodological insights into gendered dimensions of rural work and time-use to support data collection efforts.  Rural women’s work is often uncounted or under-estimated in traditional labor force surveys because of the multiplicity of activities they engage in throughout the year and their infrequent, short-term, and informal nature. However, accurate, consistent, and comparable data on the work, employment and time-use for women and men is imperative to track progress on global goals for gender equality and guide development interventions. We discuss qualitative and quantitative methods, tools and innovative approaches to collect data on work and time-use in rural areas along with an in-depth discussion on methodological issues that can guide further research to strengthen accurate and reliable data collection efforts.  This review is not only a “one-stop shop” for different methods and tools related to studying work patterns,  labour and time use, it also offers researchers and development practitioners  opportunities  for conducting more focused research towards developing  new and innovative tools, it also  gives some clues about how to better move forward to achieve gender equality and equity goals through better and more nuanced data in understanding and analysing work patterns and time-use in different contexts, geographies and  socio-cultural environments.

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R Padmaja



  R. Padmaja - Senior Scientist, Gender    Research, ICRISAT



Greg Seymour




  Greg Seymour - Research Fellow,       IFPRI