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Photo: Nanang Sujana for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).
Photo: Nanang Sujana/ Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

The CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network will be partnering with Pennsylvania State University to develop a multi-year Gender Research and Integrated Training series for CGIAR researchers and postdoctoral fellows. 

Ensuring that agricultural innovation benefits poor women and men requires investments at different levels. Spurring a greater body of gender research expertise among young scientists to better integrate gender within research activities is a vital part of this process. The CGIAR Gender Action Plan commits the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network to accelerate the build-up of a critical mass of gender expertise where shortfalls currently hinder progress. One pillar of this commitment is capacity development through cross-program learning and collaborative research, which is what this partnership aims to do.

These sessions are designed to enhance the quality of CGIAR gender research by strengthening the research capacity of both gender and social science researchers. Leveraging this academic partnership with the Pennsylvania State University is a vital component of the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network’s function of supporting the integration of gender analysis into the research planning process.

The workshop series will take place at the Pennsylvania State University and will be held over three weeks in the summer of 2016 and 2017. The first year will cover areas such as historical context of gender and agriculture science, strategies and tools for working on interdisciplinary teams, connecting gender theories of science to agricultural research, state-of the art data collection and analysis techniques, designing high-quality research collection and analysis plans, and tools for data analysis. Participants will be accepted to participate in both 2016 and 2017 sessions as these are designed to be cumulative and lead to publication of research conducted in a two year period.

The program kicks off with a Gender in Agriculture and Environment Symposium providing participants with an excellent opportunity to learn from gender researchers and practitioners who are leaders in gender scholarship and policies.  Networking with speakers from across the globe and at Penn State University will provide participants with the opportunity to make valuable connections and boost their professional development.

Strategies for successful publication are also an important focus of the series and participants will be encouraged and supported to produce one or more journal-quality papers.

The workshop series brings together gender specialists and post-doctoral scholars who are interested in these topics.  By fostering a cohort of global leaders dedicated to gender issues within the CGIAR system, the workshops will not only create an internal network of support and partnership but also contribute towards the wider goal of enhancing the capacity and quality of gender research across the system as a whole.

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The application process

Course scheduleApplication packets are to include a CV (no more than 2 pages), cover letter, and letter of support from the relevant CGIAR Research Program Director and Gender Research Coordinator. The cover letter should include reasons for applying, preliminary ideas about applying gender issues to your own research, and what skills or tools you can offer and share with the program. Applications  should be submitted to Deanna Behring via email ( and are due by February 15 2016.  Applicants will be notified by March 1. In 2016, the workshop will take place from June 6-24.


Preference will be given to CGIAR social scientists who are postdoctoral fellows in their first or second year of appointment at a CGIAR Center, especially (but not exclusively) those whose fellowship is supported by an award to a CGIAR Research Program from the Consortium Office. We are also interested in teamed-up applications from a CGIAR postdoctoral fellow and their supervising social scientist who are conducting research together and planning to co-author papers.  A review board of key expert faculty will review all applications after the due date. Application review packets will be evaluated based on their level of interest in and commitment to gender research.  Previous experience conducting gender specific research is not required, Prior doctoral-level training in a social science  with a foundation knowledge of  qualitative or quantitative research methods is required as participants can expect to deepen knowledge of methods with which they are already familiar and to learn new methods.  Previous specialization in gender-specific research is not essential but a thoughtful application of how newly acquired tools will be applied to the applicant’s current research on gender issues will be critical.


Selected participants will have three weeks of intensive courses by expert faculty.  There is no tuition fee for participating in the course.  Lodging and meals at Penn State will be covered for participants as well as a bus pass for transportation around town. These costs are supported by the CGIAR Consortium’s Gender Action Plan grant from the CGIAR Fund Council.

CGIAR Research Program(s) are expected to support their postdoctoral fellow’s international travel to attend the workshops series at State College, PA, United States including visa fees, and meeting all visa requirements. Once accepted to attend the workshop series, a participant’s CGIAR Research Program Director will be contacted by the Consortium Office’s Senior Gender Advisor to recommend this travel support and to confirm that the fellow will be able to attend.

 Note: the course schedule information previously stated was incorrect and has been updated as of February 3, 2016.