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Gender parity and inorganic fertilizer technology adoption in farm households: Evidence from Niger

This book chapter seeks to address the gap in understanding the role of gender parity in inorganic fertilizer technology adoption in Niger. Following the the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) approach for household parity indicators, it appears that gender parity in the household affects negatively the adoption of inorganic fertilizer. Accompanying measures are needed to correct this negative effect…

Woman in agriculture, and climate risks: hotspots for development

Nitya Chanana and Pramod Aggarwal (CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security – CCAFS) published their methodology that links climate change adaptation interventions with the climatic risks experienced by women farmers, their social profile and their needs based on the role they play in agriculture. In this manner, the authors identified hotspots where climate change adaptation and…

Conservative outlook, gender norms and female wellbeing: Evidence from rural Bangladesh

This paper seek to test the association between household conservatism and female well-being indicators, by considering the dimension of employment, decision-making autonomy and body mass (nutrition). It found that living in conservative households is associated with lower probability of female employment. Females from conservative households are less likely to be in wage work or salaried jobs. The probability of being…

Gender and smallholder chicken production: a literature review

Researchers from the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project in Ethiopia reviewed literature on the socio-economic, marketing and gender aspects of village chicken production. They found that: (a) in developing countries, women take care of the routine management of poultry with the assistance of children, (b) in most areas of the tropics, chicken research gives little attention to marketing rather but…

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This space provides access to published research by members of the CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research (which includes CGIAR Research Programs, Centers and related partners) that is available online, from journal articles, books and briefs, to brochures, flyers, fact sheets and corporate materials…

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