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The Blue Legume (game)

What is it about?The Blue Legume game (credit: Training Resources Group)

The Blue Legume is a gender integration game that focuses on cross-disciplinary collaboration. The goal of the game is for teams of CGIAR scientists to advance agricultural science and innovation to enable poor people, particularly women, to:

  • Better nourish their families
  • Improve productivity and resilience so they can share in economic growth
  • Manage natural resources in the face of climate change and other challenges

These objectives are to be achieved through high quality technical discussions across biophysical and social science research disciplines.

The Blue Legume was developed by the Training Resources Group for CGIAR researchers as part of multi-disciplinary training course. The aim of the tool is to help understand how gender can contribute to CGIAR’s goals of improving nutrition and health, income generation, environmental sustainability, and gender equity, and to develop an understanding for gender integration approaches.

How does it work?

It is a board game where interdisciplinary teams are receiving an ‘assignment’ related to the opportunities that the ‘Blue Legume‘ crop brings about. The teams are developing proposals to meet the assignment and CGIAR goals. In the process, they are entertaining thorough conversations about interdisciplinary research. The game is played with groups of nine people and takes about one to two hours.

Where can you learn more about it?

This video featuring Roberta Talmage (from Training Resources Group), one of the game designers, introduces the game’s objective and logic.

Find all the game materials to print out and useĀ here.

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