CGIAR Gender

The Gender Network

Recognizing that gender inequality fundamentally constrains the ability to achieve major strategic results in the new CRPs,  CGIAR established a network of gender experts across the CGIAR Research Programs in 2011. Each program was requested to have a lead scientist to coordinate communication and work with the Network, and plan future activities together with facilitation by the CGIAR’s Senior Advisor on Gender and Research.


The CRP gender research coordinators form one internal community of practice within the Network, with a common interest in mainstreaming gender in research as they are typically responsible for overall planning of gender research and its reporting. The Network also includes the wider community of CGIAR researchers who have some responsibility for conducting gender research and whose interest is to collaborate and share methods, tools and knowledge to benefit their work. It consists of approximately 140 members, made up of principally of social scientists, science managers and communication specialists. 

The Network is supported by a full time, professional associate-level coordinator financed by SIDA. Progress is monitored by the Consortium Board. The CGIAR Fund Council (FC) tracks the progress of gender integration and strategic research during their meetings twice a year, and the Consortium Office reports annually to the FC in a special Gender Research and Diversity performance report, using a set of indicators approved by the FC.

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