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Meeting notes (Call #2: December 1, 2015)

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  1. Jacqui Ashby says:

    Salvatore has agreed to work with me on refining the workshop program, invitations to confirm speakers etc. and he’s generating lots of momentum : a definite venue and draft program will be announced to you by the end of the month. As soon as we have some more good speakers lined up we’ll make a public announcement, set up a webpage for the workshop and make all the necessary arrangements.

    The online breeder survey for crops is ready to go out in tandem with the public workshop announcement. The mailing list is being finalized. In case you want to eyeball who is on it, Martina will shortly circulate the list to date. We didn’t get any lead breeder contacts from Dave Watson at MAIZE or Tom Randolph for L&F so that is a hole to be fixed in the list.

    The surveys for Livestock and Fish breeding both need a tailored list of traits for the questionnaire to be finalized: I’m in touch with Cynthia about Fish and we’ll get to that this week. Livestock needs more input- my follow up will start last week of March

    At the Pan African Symposium on Legumes last week we had a very interesting panel of presentations on the topic of gender and breeding organized by Esther Njuguna and attended by Steve and myself as well as Prof. Sally Humphries from Guelph. It was well attended and stimulated lively discussion. Martina will shortly be posting the presentations

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