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Training for gender equality as subversion – Open webinar on February 12

Can training for gender equality be transformative for professionals and their dominant understandings of development that are hostile to the realization of women’s rights? How can gender trainers maintain their critical edge in support of gender equality while also engaging with professionals in mainstream development? How can gender training be subversive? Of what? For whom? Join the free webinar from the Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers (PDPGT) to unravel these questions, among others.

The act of gender training is often seen as a performance of both form (the “how”) and content (the “what”). It is about presentation technique and the trainer’s assumed infallible knowledge. Gender knowledge should align with learners’ concepts of development and be deposited in ways that do not create “resistance”.

Gender training as “problem posing”, in the Freirean sense, is about destabilizing parameters and paradigms of mainstream development that are not conducive to gender equality and gender justice. With this understanding, gender training is as much about content as form and brings a critical perspective of male-biased development concepts. Gender trainers manage, through good form, a critical engagement with participants’ (and their own) unconscious biases that underlie their world views.

During this webinar, the co-Directors of the Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers share their ideas of gender training as subversion, what it can subvert, and how the program engages with this agenda.

Two sessions are available on Thursday 12 February 2019:

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