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Webinar Aya: 5 strategies for female entrepreneurs to succeed in agribusiness

Female entrepreneurs in agribusiness fight an uphill battle when it comes to getting access to the power and resources needed to professionalize and scale their business. In this webinar already successful female agribusiness champions share 5 strategies for female agri-entrepreneurs to succeed.


Focusing specifically on Ghana, this webinar offers a perfect learning ground for Ghanaian entrepreneurs or those interested in the topic to talk through some of the hurdles faced every day and how to overcome them.


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2SCALE, one of the largest incubators of inclusive agribusiness in Africa, built over 50 public-private partnerships in selected high-potential product groups in nine countries in Africa (more info:


Because 2SCALE wants to focus more on female agribusiness entrepreneurs we now started aya: a 6-month agribusiness entrepreneurship track for women in Ghana. (more info:


As part of aya we are organizing a webinar on September 6th 2018. In this webinar several female business champions from the 2SCALE program and outside the program will share 5 strategies for female entrepreneurs to succeed in agribusiness. This link contains the registration form for this webinar.


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