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CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research

Webinar on June 6th: Feminist pedagogies and training for gender equality: a paradox?

What makes the principles of feminist pedagogies feminist? Especially when they can in fact be applied in training in ways that contradict gender justice and social transformation. Moreover, if gender training intends to disrupt dominant understandings of “gender”, how does this harmonise with what is commonly understood as feminist pedagogies?

KIT Royal Tropical Institute and UN Women Training Centre are pleased to invite you to the public open webinar Feminist pedagogies and training for gender equality: a paradox?, where our team of trainers Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay, Franz Wong and Leticia Berrizbeitia will discuss these tensions in gender training using the Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers as an illustration of how such paradoxes may arise and how they can be navigated.

This event will also act as an informative session on the programme that is currently receiving applications for its second edition.

Two sessions will be held on Wednesday 6 June 2018: