2021 communications report

2021 GENDER communications highlights in numbers

The CGIAR GENDER Platform works to collate, synthesize, share and amplify high-quality gender research, tools, methods and good practices from across CGIAR through both new and increasingly well-established channels.

We target audiences that can move the dial on gender equality in food systems and who express an unfulfilled need for gender research they can understand and use, including development practitioners, policy-makers and researchers within and beyond CGIAR.

Resource hub

The CGIAR GENDER resource hub has set out to provide gender research publications, methods, tools and insights that can enable ourselves and others to work toward gender equality in food systems.

In the ten months beetween its launch, on March 1, 2021, and the end of the year, the new CGIAR GENDER resource hub has had a total of 50263 visits exceeding by 151% the visits garnered by the now-retired GENDER website during the same period in 2020.

growth of content pieces 57%
growth of visits 151%
In 2021, 3036 publications* 356 articles* 96 profiles 18 events 52 introductions to tools, methods, manuals and training courses were published on the resource hub. News and publications collated from CGIAR partners constitute a majority share of both content and demand.
*includes historical content

Distribution of content across types

Events 17
Articles 160
Expert profiles 94
CGIAR Gender News 192
Tools, Methods, Manuals, Training 32
Publications 3033

The resource hub puts audiences’ needs and interest at the center, delivering explainers, news, tools, methods and manuals fit for fast consumption and organized around eight priority research themes.

Distribution of content across themes

Women's empowerment 1609
Crops and technologies 941
Institutions and norms 613
Landscapes and biodiversity 550
Climate change 532
Nutrition and health 497
Markets and value chains 427
COVID-19 75
average time on publication page 3m 58s
average time on page 3m 19s


The CGIAR GENDER bi-monthly newsletters provide a magazine-style overview of latest gender research news and publications from across CGIAR.

In 2021, newsletter subscribers grew by 248%, and 2021 newsletters featured more than 200 news articles , blog posts and publications provided by CGIAR centers, programs and platforms.

Growth of subscribers month-on-month

419 January
440 February
474 March
481 April
499 May
511 June
621 July
688 August
860 September
884 October
1451 November
1458 December

Social media

On Twitter, the CGIAR GENDER Platform amplifies gender research messages from CGIAR and its partners. In 2021, the number of @CGIARgender followers grew from 3,143 to 4,852, an increase of 54%, and the profile garnered a total of 1,007,600 impressions with significant peaks around International Women's Day (March 8) and the Annual Gender Conference (mid-October).

Growth of Twitter followers

3143 January
3289 February
3486 March
3652 April
3816 May
3918 June
4073 July
4189 August
4376 September
4577 October
4678 November
4852 December

Distribution of Twitter impressions

36100 January
74200 February
164000 March
60200 April
132000 May
57100 June
125000 July
95000 August
50300 September
111000 October
37000 November
59700 December

Mainstream media

The CGIAR GENDER Platform placed five op-eds in mainstream media in 2021, amplifying the voices of a range of CGIAR gender researchers and reaching audiences in South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and globally.

Contributing to the DevEx-led campaign on the Future of Food Systems resulted in an op-ed making the case for CGIAR gender research, a photo essay featuring CGIAR research, a newsletter promoting CGIAR gender content and a Twitter chat.

The DevEx-led Twitter chat had 81 participants and garnered 221,978 impressions, while the other campaign contributions amounted to 12,272 page views, +279,295 social media impressions and +3,928 emails delivered.

Op-ed page views 12,272
social media impressions + 279,295
GENDER-presented emails delivered 3,928


The CGIAR GENDER Platform webinar series targets internal CGIAR audiences as well as researchers and development practitioners from outside the organization. The series presents the latest research and recommendations on hot topics such as gender-based violence and its manifestation in agricultural programs and gender-transformative approaches, often in collaboration with partners.

In 2021, 7 webinars had more than 500 participants. Based on the email addresses provided by 266 unique webinar participants at sign-up, about one-third of participants were from CGIAR, but development practitioners, NGOs and private sector development partners were also well represented.

Webinar participants per sector

33 Development practitioner
28 NGO
23 Private sector development partner
19 Academia
11 Funder
2 Science network

Annual conference

The GENDER Platform annual conference, organized in collaboration with Wageningen University and Research, in 2021 brought together researchers and students from across the globe to advance the gender research agenda.

Nearly 1,300 people (350 men and 927 women) registered for the conference; and 591 people from 80 countries attended one or more of the conference’s 60 sessions in real time.

Location of participants

More to come in 2022, as we continue to collate, synthesize and amplify gender research from CGIAR and its partners in support of greater gender equality in food systems.