Tools, methods, manuals

Askale Lombamo and her husband Abamo Lombamo in their garden in Doyogena District, Ethiopia. Photo: Georgina Smith/ILRI.

This collection is intended to offer researchers, development practitioners, policy makers, community organizers and others the opportunity to search for and learn about tools, methods, frameworks and manuals for integrating gender perspectives into agricultural and food systems research and programs.

The tools presented here span a wide range of purposes and audiences. They also vary in maturity; some have been tried and tested, while others are in pilot stages. They have been developed by a wide range of authors and organizations, from within and beyond CGIAR, who are fully acknowledged. In all cases, reach out to the listed contact for more information.

This collection of tools is curated by the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform. If you would like to propose a tool for inclusion, please contact us: GenderPlatform[at]