GENDER working papers

Seeds systems in Sapa, VN Photo: 2020 Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT/Trong Chinh.

The CGIAR GENDER Platform publishes a working paper series to share emerging gender research insights and results with agriculture and food systems researchers in the CGIAR and beyond. Papers on certain topics might also appeal to a wider audience, including development practitioners, funding partners or policy makers.

The aims of the CGIAR GENDER Platform working paper series include documenting and making emerging work available to stimulate innovations in thinking, discourse and actions on gender equality in agriculture and food systems.

Scope and format

The series documents and presents robust high-quality gender research emerging from the CGIAR GENDER Platform. The CGIAR GENDER Platform working paper series publishes original research; case studies; evaluations; reviews of tools and methods; documentation of best practices; stocktaking or evidence mapping exercises; compendium of tools; and more.

Commission, review and production  

All working papers undergo an internal review process by peer CGIAR researchers, including the GENDER Platform science officer Els Lecoutere. Editorial roles are assumed by the GENDER Platform science officer and the GENDER Platform director Nicoline de Haan, who gives final sign-off. For more information, please contact genderplatform(at)