Cultivating Diversity for Integrating a Gender+ Perspective: The Gender-SMART CIRAD Community of Practice 

The European project Gender-Smart, coordinated by Cirad, a French agricultural research and international cooperation organization, aims to promote gender equality in agricultural research centers as working places, but also to better integrate gender in research projects, in order to enhance their relevance and impact. In 2020, an internal community of practices (CoP) was set up to provide training resources, share experiences and document the diversity of pathways through which gender+ is integrated in Cirad projects. It is based on in-depth reflexive case studies, with the objective of mainstreaming gender+ approaches, from below, starting from our practices. The CoP is co-chaired by a woman and a man and, as of today, is composed of 36 women and 20 men, including scientists (agronomy and social sciences) as well as support staff for project design and management.


Emmanuelle Bouquet, CIRAD, France

Presenters of introduction and case-studies:
Emmanuelle Bouquet, Jean-Michel Sourisseau, and Nathalie Cialdella, CIRAD