Social Media for Productive Gender Research Communication

This workshop will help participants understand how to use some of the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get more visibility and support for your professional work, both through your own content as well as engaging in existing online conversations more productively. For instance:

  • How do I break out of the traditional siloes/communities that I always seem to be talking to?
  • How do I stimulate a vibrant, science-based dialogue while keeping people engaged?
  • How can I get more active on social media while not having it take up all my time?

The workshop will provide tips and tricks on how to communicate gender research and insights in gender-sensitive, inclusive and productive ways as well as on how to build and engage a following, how to use social media in more intentional ways, and how to monitor and measure your results along the way.
It is tailored for researchers, scientists or other development professionals who may use social mostly personally but
lack formal training for using it more professionally. Beginners also welcome. It will be run by Marchmont Communications, a specialist “communications-for-development” agency based in London, UK.

Organizers and moderators:

Vivian Atakos and Marianne Gadeberg, CGIAR GENDER Platform

Delivered by Marchmont Communications