What Will it Take to Transform Power Relations in Urban and Peri-Urban Food Systems?

Going forward, the One CGIAR recognises agriculture as not just rural, but as potentially viable and necessary in urban and peri-urban (UPU) spaces. An initial three-year initiative aims to innovate UPU food systems that allow sustainable production, improved healthy diets, environmental and human health, equity in urban food markets and governance. Strengthening, institutionalizing and transforming largely informal UPU agrifood systems across the Global South will gain from more robust policy dialogue on factors that are critical to determining inclusive urban food networks. CGIAR’s Water, Land and Ecosystems Research Program and RUAF Global Partnership argue that a focus on gender and inclusivity are key to enabling truly transformative reconfigurations of power relations in cities and UPU food systems. Unfortunately, the complexity of these issues is largely neglected in urban food policy, practice and research.

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