Measuring empowerment in agricultural development projects using pro-WEAI

Ara Go

This session complements the recently launched distance learning course on the project-level Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (pro-WEAI). To ensure that everyone is familiar with the basics of pro-WEAI, all participants will be required to take this free online course in advance of the session ( During the session, participants will be able to raise questions and go deeper on various aspects of the application of the tool, including survey fieldwork, index construction, qualitative analysis, as well as interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data, focusing on one of the pro-WEAI indicators, Work Balance, as an example. The session will also provide resources for all participants to learn more about how to use pro-WEAI.
This session is designed for CGIAR researchers who are interested in gender, women’s empowerment and agriculture, and more specifically how to measure women’s empowerment impact of agricultural development projects.
Our session agenda will feature a mix of presentations, breakout discussions and opportunities to ask questions and share ideas. During the breakout sessions, participants will be given a case study with relevant materials and guiding questions to discuss and analyze within their groups. We will use an online polling tool (Slido) to engage participants with live polls and capture and display their inputs in real-time. We also propose to offer “WEAI office hours” during October 13–14 to help those who need further technical assistance on WEAI.