Dataset for: Participatory five cell analysis to monitor native potato diversity in six communities in the Central Peruvian Andes (district of Paucartambo and province of Yauyos)


A large sample set of native potatoes grown by local farmers including 125 native potatoes from the Pasco area and 111 from the Yauyos area was used in this study. From each community, 5 to 12 native potato producers were invited to identify those potatoes that are planted in their communities. Participants were asked to assign local names to these potato varieties. Farmers were also asked to name those varieties they grew but found missing from the sample set. These varieties were written on cards and added to the study. A four-cell matrix was spread on the floor, in the middle of all the participants next to the 4-cell matrix an extra cell was placed for lost/extinct varieties. The meaning of each cell was explained and a common understanding of the terminology “a lot” and “little” was established in each community. The potatoes were then placed into the following cells: • A: Many families grow this variety in large areas • B: Many families grow this variety in small areas • C: Few families grow this variety in small areas