Dataset for: Participatory mapping of agroclimatic and productive risks associated with the agrobiodiversity in Cumbal Colombia


Agrobiodiversity is currently under threat from the adverse impacts of climate variability and other productive factors, including land use changes. Hence, this study aimed to identify vulnerable areas to agroclimatic and productive risks from the experience of the farmers. To achieve this, we conducted participatory cartography workshops through focus groups in each of the following veredas (administrative areas in rural regions) of the Cumbal Indigenous Reserve in Colombia: Boyera, Cuaical, Cuaspud, Cuetial, Guan, Quilismal, and Tasmag. Each focus groups was composed in average by 35 recognized agrobiodiversity custodians. The outcome of this exercise yielded maps illustrating areas with the highest probability of frost, regions with extensive livestock farming, and the locations of agrobiodiversity custodians in each vereda. To anonymized the exact locations of agrobiodiversity custodians, we developed polygons of Vonoroi that show the area where a custodian was identified but not the exact location. These maps are expected to be essential for designing more effective conservation initiatives in Cumbal, Colombia.