Impacts of COVID-19 on women agribusiness and fish value chains in the Gulf of Mottama


Of food items in Myanmar diets, fish is a critical source of animal protein and essential micronutrient supply, with an annual per capita consumption of 45.6 kg per capita in 2018 (FAO, 2021). As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, fish value chains in Myanmar are exposed with high risk and vulnerability in a number of ways. Supported by CGIAR COVID-19 Hub, the objectives of this study are to: (i)assess the impacts of COVID-19 across different actors on fish value chains; (ii) To understand the adaptation and coping strategies value chain actors undertaken to build resilience and recovery in the unprecedented times. Twenty quantitative interviews were carried out in October 2021 covering male and female fishers, fish processors, fish sellers, aquaculture owners/operators and labourers. These interviews were carried out in Mon State and Bago region by Point B Design + Training using a semi-structured questionnaire using mobile phones.