Replication Data for: Determinants of participation and intensity of participation in collective action: Evidence from smallholder avocado farmers in Kenya


Access to markets is one important strategy which can assist smallholder farmers to move out of poverty. Collective action through farmers’ groups has been identified as a strategy to improve the participation of farmers in markets. The data was used to analyze the determinants of participation and intensity of participation of collective action in production and marketing of avocado in Kenya. Group participation and the intensity were modeled as a binary choice decision and analyzed using logit models. Interviews were conducted with 301 farmers in avocado production zones in Kenya. The result showed that age, education, gender and perceptions on knowledge and improved technology influence farmers’ decision to participate in group activities. Occupation, area of residence and farmers’ perception on knowledge and improved technology use, and economic benefits had a significant influence on the intensity of participation.We conclude that it is crucial to educate farmers through training, workshops and seminars before group formation in order to ensure that they understand the importance and impacts of collective action.