Replication data for: Gender roles and knowledge in plant species selection and domestication: case study in South and Southeast Sulawesi


Women and men have different sets of knowledge, experiences, and strategies in addressing aspects of plant domestication such as plant propagation, management, utilisation and marketing. Identification of gender roles and knowledge related to tree domestication is important in planning for tree-basedlivelihood enhancement and sustainable environmental management, however, such identification has not yet beensufficiently researched to date. This study investigated gendered selection of economically priority species and their domestication in South and Southeast Sulawesi. From the focus group discussion, both men and women give priority to tree species with high economic value; the management of those species is a stronger priority for men but is also expressed by women. However, specifically for their livelihoods, women are keen to domesticate vegetables and other annual crops that contribute directly to household food security and nutrition.