Replication Data for: Mbosso C Degrande A van Damme P Tsafack S Nimino G Tchoundjeu Z 2015 Gender differences in knowledge, perception and use of the Ricinodendron heudelotii kernel extraction machine


This paper explores differences in knowledge, perception and use of a Ricinodendron heudelotii (njansang) extraction machine by women and men in Cameroon. With the view of designing a new technology that appropriately addresses the needs, concerns and interventions likely particularly to benefit women (the principal actors in processing of non-timber forest products), a survey was conducted with 81 households in five villages using a questionnaire. Results indicated that njansang processing is a main activity for women, but men earned more income from its sales. Women use the machine more often than men but are not as knowledgeable about the mechanical aspects. The familiarity of men with other machines makes them assess the price of the njansang extraction machine more accurately than women, leading to a greater willingness to adopt the technology. Men using the machine are less demanding and easier to satisfy. For further research on the dissemination of the machine, women should be encouraged and trained not only on the proper pre-treatment of the nuts before extraction, but also on the functioning of the machine.