Replication Data for: Second Focus Group Discussions Template – post interviews on Community-Based Resource Management (CBRM): An annex to: Johnson AF, Kleiber D, Gomese C, Sukulu M, Saeni-Oeta J, Giron-Nava A, Cohen PJ and McDougall CL. 2021. Assessing inclusion in community-based resource management: A framework and methodology. Penang, Malaysia: CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems. Manual: FISH-2021-21


The framework and methodology will be of particular interest to data- and evidence-oriented agencies and actors who have a commitment to inclusion, gender equity, and fair management and governance. As well as enabling these agencies and actors to strengthen their own programs and projects and the CBNRM policies they inform, the frameworks, methods and insights may be of interest to communities and CBNRM groups themselves as governance actors, co-researchers and owners of CBNRM processes. The methodology is a sequential mixed methods approach comprising three main methods: semistructured interviews, a quantitative survey and two forms of FGDs (one conducted before and the other after the interviews and surveys). Each method supports a different purpose, generated a different type of information and requires a different analytical approach. Each method also offers a different opportunity to explore inclusion and exclusion. The formats of the methods we provide here are those that we refined and adjusted for the Solomon Islands context. We encourage you to adjust and adapt the questions, methods, and sampling strategies to suit your objectives and contexts.