Results of Participatory Mapping in Katingan Mentaya Project


The GCS REDD+ project builds of CIFOR efforts to understand the causes of deforestation and forest degradation as well as to elaborate what can be done to reverse those trends in tropical countries. CIFOR works with research partners and stakeholders so REDD+ policy makers and practitioner communities have access to and use the information, analysis and tools needed to design and implement REDD+. Dataset of Participatory Mapping in Katingan and Kotawaringin Timur in Central Kalimantan Province which were supported the GCS REDD+ Project. In general, these data have been through of discussing with local community, which was facilitated with spatial data by GIS specialists. The spatial data are basemap and map from satellite imagery data, that the features are settlement position, roads, rivers, lakes, mountains, important buildings, etc.