CGIAR GENDER Platform Newsletter November-December 2020, issue 3

 CGIAR System Organization Sita Kumari, farmer, working at a farmers cooperation in Nepal. Photo: C de Bode/CGIAR.

Welcome to the third issue of the CGIAR GENDER Platform newsletter.

Women’s empowerment generic catchphrase or global commitment?

Photo: C de Bode/CGIAR.

In this issue, we share with you latest news from the Platform as well as updates on gender research from CGIAR Centers, Research Programs and Platforms.

Generic catchphrase or global commitment: What is women’s empowerment? That's the question we try to answer in an interview with scientists Nozomi Kawarazuka and Steven Cole, who help ground the concept in theory, evidence and practical examples.

This newsletter also captures key messages and recommendations from discussions convened by the GENDER Platform at Cultivate Africa, a two-day dialogue to tackle immediate and long-term challenges facing African agriculture and food systems in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CGIAR GENDER Platform newsletter issue 3 - November-December 2020.