CGIAR Gender News

Videos on women leaders in the time of COVID-19

Photo of woman with pump Photo: ILRI.

ILRI is marking International Women's Day 2021 by reflecting on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women and the leadership strategies they are implementing to manage the situation toward recovery.

ILRI staff interviewed some of its leaders to highlight gender research at the Institute and at the One CGIAR platform level. They also spoke to some of the women leading chicken business in Ethiopia and Tanzania, part of the Women in Business Project, to highlight the plight they have had to combat with during the pandemic and moving forward.


Nicoline de Haan highlights the prospects availed by the new CGIAR GENDER Platform in the COVID-19 period.

Alessandra Galie, ILRI's Gender Team Lead highlights the steps that the gender team is taking in its research work in the COVID-19 period.

ILRI's Deputy Director General Iain Wright highlights the key measures ILRI is undertaking in support of women leadership.