CGIAR GENDER Platform Newsletter September-October 2020, issue 2

Climate-smart villages. Photo: C Schubert/CCAFS.

Welcome to the second issue of the CGIAR GENDER Platform newsletter.

Evidence from across One CGIAR on how to build back better in the face of crises

In this issue, we share with you latest news from the Platform as well as updates on gender research from CGIAR Centers, Research Programs and Platforms.

GENDER was officially launched at the Africa Green Revolution Forum 2020 virtual summit. During the launch, Nicoline de Haan, Director, said: “We are working across the entire CGIAR system to innovate and incorporate gender into everything we do.”

Also, a recent webinar hosted by GENDER explored what's at stake for women and agriculture during crises. As women face unprecedented upheavals, the development community has an opportunity to not only meet immediate needs, but to support a more innovative, equitable future.

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