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An everyday superwoman modernizes agriculture in her village and beyond

Photo: IRRI India Photo: IRRI India

Chandrika Patra’s life story is a testament to how women when provided with the right support, can overcome gender-based limitations and excel in other roles that benefit themselves, their families, and their community. By converting the fallow lands during rabi into groundnut cultivation, she was able to create new income opportunities proving that the adoption of new agricultural technologies can bring big rewards. Her progressive approach to farming made Mrs. Patra a role model for others.

Mrs. Patra, aged 50, resides in Arapata, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj in Odisha belongs to a socially and educationally limited class. But that did not stop her from receiving nine years of formal education. From a young student supporting her father to a devoted housewife, Mrs Patra became a dedicated agriculturist and technology pioneer, service provider, passionate social activist, and a dynamic politician.