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Senegalese women and youth empowered for climate-smart seed production

Presentation of the different types of cowpea varieties in production at the Daga Birame Technology Park Photo: AICCRA

With growing demand for quality seeds in Senegal, ambitious initiatives aim to empower local women and young farmers in seed production techniques, boosting food security and promoting sustainable farming practices in a changing climate.

Farmers consistently face seed supply challenges in Senegal, whether due to losses caused by weather conditions, disease, or poor storage.

In response to this problem, partners in the AICCRA Senegal project such as the Agence nationale de conseil agricole et rural (ANCAR), the Centre d'étude régional pour l'amélioration de l'adaptation à la sécheresse (CERAAS) and the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) are actively promoting initiatives for small farmers to join seed cooperatives, in order to solve the problems associated with access to quality seeds and the supply of agricultural inputs at an affordable cost.