Capacity Development Workshops on Gender Transformative Approaches for Land Restoration


The capacity development workshops on co-developing gender transformative approaches for land restoration were held on the 15th-16th February 2022 in Tawa, Mbooni East (see Annex 1) and 21st-22nd February 2022 in Kibwezi Town, Kibwezi East, Makueni County, Kenya. The workshops brought together 90 participants over the two days from the County Government of Makueni, Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), and representatives from community and farmer groups and ward-level committees on climate change. The workshops were organised as part of the ICRAF-led project on “Promoting nature-based solutions for land restoration while strengthening the national monitoring technical working group in Kenya”, funded by UK PACT. Day one of the two-day workshops focused on: 1) introducing participants to the importance of gender and social inclusion within land restoration efforts, 2) reflecting on participants' past experiences with gender and social inclusion approaches in restoration activities, and 3) introducing participants to the use of community dialogues -a set of activities designed to facilitate critical discussion and reflection on how gender roles and norms influence people’s engagement in land restoration efforts. The second day of the workshops continued with training participants in the use of community dialogues and co-designing and planning ward-level training events to trial the activities and establish a Trainer of Trainers (ToT) scaling model. For an overview of the workshop series and training workshops, see…)