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Challenging structures: gender transformative interventions by livestock CRP in Ethiopia


Introduction: This study is a review of secondary literature that has been
synthesized to extract information and demonstrate the implementation and
impact of community conversations (CCs) on gender aspects of social norms in
livestock-based systems in Ethiopia.
Methods: The study used the phenomenological method of qualitative literature
review to sketch the gender transformative approach to the delivery of knowledge
products in a program on transforming the small ruminant value chain. The CC
aimed at addressing gender-related norms in the division of labor, resource
ownership, and handling practices of animals and their products previously
identified, and those that emerged during the CC events across the study sites.
A total of 1,517 community members (out of which 574 are women) took part in
various CC events.
Results and discussion: The review shows that the gender-related norms addressed
were in line with the identified constraining norms faced by women livestock
keepers in the mixed and livestock-based systems. The CC approach adopted
complied with the stages laid out in literature: identification of existing knowledge;
imparting new knowledge; knowledge integration and application; and review,
reflection, and re-planning. The process was inclusive and community-engaging,
which possibly cultivated intrinsic motivation and ownership of the process.
Changes in knowledge, attitudes, and practices at household, community, and
institutional levels were identified. The conclusions include institutionalizing the
gender transformative approach in the public agricultural extension system. This
could be facilitated by the generation of robust objective evidence of impacts and
guidance for subsequent scaling at local, regional, and national levels,