Co-producing Gender-responsive Climate Services for Enhanced Food and Nutrition Security and Health in Ethiopia and Tanzania (COGENT) – Consultative Workshop for Ethiopia


The COGENT-Climate Services Consultative Workshop was conducted on May 27-28, 2022 in Yirba town, Boricha woreda. [Add some information on the aim and objectives, how many participants, from which institutions]. COGENT represents an inter-disciplinary approach to improving household food security and nutrition-related health outcomes among women and
children in the face of climate change in selected areas of Ethiopia. Over the past decades, growing investments have been made in developing climate services that can help reduce societal vulnerabilities and enhance adaptation and resilience to the impacts of climate variability and change.
The development of climate services rests on several assumptions. First, that providing more, and better climate information will enhance the uptake of this information into decision-making. Second, that the application of climate services will lead to improved development outcomes. COGENT aims to advance understanding of the key mechanisms that facilitate production of
usable climate information, with the potential to improve the quality of climate services across other African contexts. It works to strengthen the long-term capacities of local institutions to undertake high-quality, policy-relevant research while simultaneously building new interdisciplinary networks and collaborative experience and expertise within the climate research community.