Comments to the African Union Commission on the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Action Plan


The Africa Union Commission (AUC) drafted an African Fertilizer and Soil Health Action Plan (AFSH) and a Soil Initiative for Africa (SIA) for launching at the Africa Fertilizer summit in June 2023. The AFSH is a ten-year (2023-2033) plan to provide guidance on integrated soil fertility maintenance, including the correct use of fertilizer to ensure soil health in Africa. The SIA is a practical initiative to develop an African system for soil management and to implement actions at the continental, sub-regional, and country levels. This document, submitted by AICCRA to the African Union, gives key recommendations based on a review of the draft AFSH. Key points include: support and promote local organic fertilizers and soil improvers from organic waste, reform subsidies and incentives, include climate-smart agriculture (CSA) innovations, include gender and youth to promote soil health, and manage risks associated with climate variability and climate change. Further, more specific recommendations were given in the draft document.