Gender Strategies

CGIAR Research Program on Maize Gender Strategy


The MAIZE gender strategy is conceived as part of a process of continual improvement. As such, the current strategy represents the second iteration,incorporating information from the 2013 MAIZE gender audit and aligned with the 2014 MAIZE extension proposal. The document briefly introduces CRP MAIZE (1.2), before presenting the objective of the MAIZE gender strategy (2); the rationale for addressing gender in MAIZE (3); and the beneficiaries of the MAIZE gender strategy (4). This is followed by an overview of the gender impact pathway for MAIZE (5), then section6whichexplains the approach to integration of gender analysis and gender research perspectives in each of the MAIZE Flagship Projects.Section 7 addresses the mainstreaming of gender in institutional frameworks and procedures, and is followed by a separate section on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) (8). The MAIZE gender budget strategy is described in section 9, while the organization of gender integration is explained in section 10. The final section (11) comments on the capacity for gender analysis and research in MAIZE.