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Food Insecurity Experience Scale 2016 (Iceland)


Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 2.1 commits countries to end hunger, ensure access by all people to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year around. Indicator 2.1.2, “Prevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity based on the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES)”, provides internationally-comparable estimates of the proportion of the population facing difficulties in accessing food. More detailed background information is available at

The FIES-based indicators are compiled using the FIES survey module, containing 8 questions. Two indicators can be computed: 1. The proportion of the population experiencing moderate or severe food insecurity (SDG indicator 2.1.2), 2. The proportion of the population experiencing severe food insecurity. These data were collected by FAO through the Gallup World Poll. General information on the methodology can be found here: National institutions can also collect FIES data by including the FIES survey module in nationally representative surveys.

Microdata can be used to calculate the indicator 2.1.2 at national level. Instructions for computing this indicator are described in the methodological document available under the "DOCUMENTATION" tab above. Disaggregating results at sub-national level is not encouraged because estimates will suffer from substantial sampling and measurement error.