Gendered impacts of weather and climate: Evidence from Asia, Pacific and Africa


The research was commissioned to understand better the causes and types of gender-differentiated impacts of climate change and gender on different groups of women and men. The researchers analyzed the gendered impacts of weather and climate and the gender-specific needs of climate information and services in Asia, Africa and Pacific small island developing states, especially in relation to two sectors heavily affected by climate change: disaster risk management, and agriculture and food security. The researchers sought to answer two questions. The first was how and why are different groups of women and men from the selected regions were affected differently by climate-related changes in the disaster risk reduction, and in agriculture and food security. The second question was what the gender-specific needs for weather and climate information was in these regions, and how climate information providers could better address these needs. They found that, despite differences in regions, countries and communities, climate and weather effects were not gender-neutral, but were experienced differently by different groups of women and men, and were also affected by economic status, location, age, disability and marital status. [This summary was provided by the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform]