Integrated community food production: A compendium of climate-resilient agriculture 0ptions


This compendium of best practices brings together practical, ecologically sound and nutrition-sensitive approaches to improving the productivity of backyard, community and family farms. With the increasing awareness of the importance of safe and healthy diets, there is a resurgence of interest in these complementary pathways to household food security Many of these ideas are best done on small-scale systems. The opportunities for diversification and intensification are often greater in backyard and family-centered systems. Most of these systems can quickly be transformed to chemical-free systems of production. This compendium has four main sections: a conceptual understanding of the value of agro-ecological approaches, including climate-smart agriculture; intensive organic gardening; family farming, with an emphasis on crop production using regenerative agriculture; and the production of small livestock and fish. [This summary was shortened by the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform]