Qualitative tools for the Women’s Empowerment in Fisheries and Aquaculture Index (WEFI)


This document describes a set of tools that can be used for qualitative research on women’s empowerment in fisheries and aquaculture and which complement the quantitative tools for the calculation of the ‘Women’s Empowerment in Fisheries and aquaculture Index (WEFI), developed by WorldFish as part of the CGIAR Research Programme in Fish agri-food systems (CRP FISH for short) in partnership with KIT Royal Tropical Institute. The WEFI is based on the ‘Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index’ (WEAI), developed by IFPRI. This document outlines a number of options of tools that can be adapted and used. The qualitative tools come from different sources. These include qualitative tools of the pro-WEAI, which were developed in the second phase of the Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project (GAAP2), led by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). In addition, they include a variety of different tools emerging predominantly from the collaborative partnership between WorldFish and KIT and others on gender capacity strengthening in individual projects. This version of the document still needs to be pilot-tested and revised.