Working Paper

Tools and methods for gender research and integration in agricultural value chain, market and entrepreneurship projects. CGIAR GENDER Platform working paper 004.


While many development projects focus on value chains, markets and/or entrepreneurship to achieve objectives such as reducing poverty and gender inequalities, there is a lack of available information about the tools and methods related to gender; agriculture; and value chains, market inclusion or entrepreneurship. We identified 19 tools and methods related to gender and agricultural value chains; no tools and methods related to gender, agriculture, and market inclusion and entrepreneurship were identified. The tools and methods related
to gender and agricultural value chains provide guidance to researchers and practitioners about how to integrate or mainstream gender in their projects. Many provide frameworks for how to consider gender in the context of agricultural value chains as well as guidance related to data collection at different points in the value chain and/or project cycle. Some provide
guidance about how to conduct gender analysis and arrive at implementation strategies for reducing gender inequalities and empowering women. In general, the tools and methods provide explicit conceptual definitions of gender and discuss how to operationalize (consider or measure) gender in the context of value chains. This review and the matrix of information provided in the annex can be used by researchers and practitioners to identify tools and methods that can support and guide their projects as well as identify gaps that they could address in future projects.