Towards low-emissions landscapes in Viet Nam


This book covers some of ICRAF Viet Nam’s key research over the past decade. We selected work that contributed to integrated land-use planning for low-emission and sustainable development strategies in rural landscapes. The research has been inclusive, integrative and informative. Inclusive because the research includes strategies for both forest and agricultural land, for socio-economic and environmental objectives including hydrological functions, and was developed through participatory processes that took into account the perspectives and expectations of smallholders, local and national authorities, and scientists. Integrative because the research integrates diverse factors when assessing the impact of the strategies on the multiple functions of landscapes. Informative because the approaches were scientific and the findings were provided to national and provincial authorities and local communities. ICRAF's work continues to bring evidence to policy dialogues, including assessing the possible roles of agroforestry for Viet Nam’s targets to international conventions, such as the Nationally Determined Contributions.